Exclusive 3-course menu for TAKE AWAY!

Pick Up (Drive Through) Friday & Saturday 16: 00-17: 00

NB! New address: Privata Rum, Postgatan 2

(We have an outdoor portal that is marked and easy to stop at. We specify a pick-up time when you receive your confirmation so that we get a nice and safe flow when you pick-up.)

Menu for the Weekend – Take Away

Take Away

With our take away, we reach your home with Thörnström’s flavors. We select the best ingredients according to the season, compose the menu accordingly and cook your meal so far that you only need to heat your dinner according to the instructions given. We cook and you enjoy!

Menu Take Away

FRIDAY & SATURDAY 24-25 sept

Lime cured scallop with chives aioli,
roasted parship and pickled red onion

Wine pairingförslag: Pinot Gris, Systembolaget »

Thyrme and garlic seared beef with mustard baked aubergine, truffle potato, ashed onion and port wine sauce

Wine pairing: Chianti Classico, Systembolaget »

Whipped orange and chocolate cream with cookie crumble and honey caramel sauce

Wine pairing: Moscato , Systembolaget »

Thörnström’s sourdough bread with homegrown sour butter.

Pick-up menu price

595 kr/pers

The wines that are recommended can be found at the Systembolaget. We also offer a non-alcoholic beverage package to the menu from our kitchen.


Order your weekend menu for pick-up until Thursday before the current weekend no later than 14:00

Pick-up takes place outdoors Friday-Saturday between 16: 00-17: 00
from Privata Rum, Postgatan 2 (Kronhusbodarna)

    3-rättersmeny Fredag 24 sept3-rättersmeny Lördag 25 sept