Our passion is to gild and create memories where taste, aroma and atmosphere remain long after a visit to us. In one way or another, our goal is to touch the senses. A visit that is sustainable when the guest wants to return.

For us, it is obvious to work with raw materials in season and take advantage of what is growing right now. We take advantage of the harvest of berries, fruit in season – jams, salts and musts.

We prefer to work with a smaller range of menus so that we can work sustainably with the ingredients we have at home in the kitchen. Do not throw away food. We work to the greatest extent with local suppliers.

We work a lot with quotes for dinners, they are very much based on the guests’ trust where we get free hands to set the menu according to the ingredients that our local suppliers recommend.

We sort our waste at source.

Each individual change may seem small, but together we are constantly trying to find adjustments in the business that can contribute to a more sustainable climate.

In order for all our employees to understand how important it is that we can contribute together by making their contribution and following the business’s sustainability thinking – how we use cleaning products, dispose of rubbish, etc., we inform in an easy-to-understand way how much we save in environmental impact / financially by counting how much things become when you count in a year.

We work with close financial follow-up in the business so that we can be financially sustainable. Gives employees insight into the company’s finances to get an overall picture and feel involved.

It is important that we have fun in our workplace in order for us to be sustainable.